a Blue Harvest story


The Commitment

 Blue Harvest Salon & Spa is a popular destination in Norfolk County, not only for the unique salon experience, but also for the endless, rolling country landscapes and the charming property that surrounds the salon. You’ll quickly become nestled in this beautiful oasis of calm, rolling fields and find yourself wrapped in an atmosphere promoting the self care and reflection that we all so clearly thirst for 


...meet Lara


 Lara, Chief Stylist and owner at Blue Harvest Salon & Spa provides impeccable attention to every detail and is most definitely the vital asset to nurturing that experience for her clients that she has become known for. Her years of experience in styling, and project management coupled with her genuine love of people provides her a competitive edge in the industry. Lara truly believes in every person she works with. She believes in their story, their individuality, their vision, and the importance of their time. She is committed to a promise of best practices in the hair and aesthetics industry. Pairing this with a unique and memorable experience allows guess to leave the salon feeling respected, renewed and excited to return.  


The Quality

 At Blue Harvest, their premise is to compliment the authentic beauty that is already innately within each individual. A custom designed experience for each guest that walks in is nonnegotiable. Lara will navigate your vision with solid questions and demonstration to design your hair and aesthetic experience to your specific requirements while always educating on the best designs to suit your lifestyle and features. Your experience will be one that is completed by a highly skilled professional with immense knowledge, and even more passion for her work. The goal is always one of creating a custom quality experience at every single visit. Finding and believing in a Hairstylist that you can trust is not always an easy venture. Lara recognizes the intimacy of this relationship. It’s a relationship that demands trust, respect, communication and honesty. Lara’s clients literally put their heads into her hands and she does not take this lightly. She works attentively with your existing features and takes you through a personal process of renewal that will leave you feeing a personal connection and genuine love for your new look. Come and see one of Norfolk County’s hidden treasures for yourself and you will never turn back…